Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes are an affordable housing option without having to compromise on luxury amenities. Construction costs per square foot for new manufactured homes are up to 50% less than a comparable site-built home and are built to strict building specifications and residential codes.

What are today's manufactured homes like?

Don’t let the bad stigma associated with manufactured homes blind you from your home’s potential. Today, state-of-the-art kitchens, luxury bathrooms and all the amenities found in traditional homes are now offered in manufactured homes. All the same materials, finishes and fixtures found in traditional homes can be featured in your new manufactured home!

Will a manufactured home appreciate in value?

Appreciation of any home – either site-built or manufactured – is affected by the following factors: supply and demand for similar homes in the local market, location, maintenance, upkeep of the home and additional amenities that the land renders.

What kinds of financing is available?

All of our homes, because of how we build them, are eligible for FHA, VA, USDA & Conventional 15-year & 30-year mortgages, just like a traditional home. If you custom build your home with us, we offer a one-time close construction loan that turns into the loan of your choice upon completion.

does my new home come with a home warranty?

Yes! You will have the quality assurances of the federal government under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Construction Standards Program as well as the standards adopted by the State of Arizona. Any problems that arise within 120 days for cosmetic items and one (1) year for structural, gas, electric, water, or air conditioning/heating – are under warranty.

what does the construction timeline look like?

Construction is a very dynamic and shifting industry that can present challenges along the way, but we strive to adhere to a strict project timeline for the sake of your planning. On average, a custom build can expect a move-in 10-12 months after signing a purchase agreement. We also offer quick move-in homes, which are available to buy and move-in within 45-60 days.

what is a "custom build"?

You choose a lot within our inventory – either within a community we have developed or an individual lot – and you are able to choose every aspect of your new home.  Once you finalize your home the way you’ve always dreamed of, we will present you with the total price of the lot and home. We are here to help you along the way to make the building process fun, smooth and easy.

Can i just purchase the home & not the land?

Yes. While there are many traditional manufactured home retailers across the state who focus on just selling homes, we are a start-to-finish experience that guarantees your satisfaction. We believe there is too much risk involved for prospective home purchasers if they don’t have the right crew to construct and install the home. Our skilled staff is trained to assure your home is safe and sound.

what can i expect if i purchase a new home?

(1) Competitive Pricing

(2) Top Notch Customer Service

(3) 100% home satisfaction 

How do i get started? call us today.

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