Factory Built Guest Homes

Ready to occupy in as little as 5 months! *

Have you ever considered having a guest house on your property?

Depending on where your property is, a guest house up to one-half the size of your primary house is allowed! **

4 Reasons to have a Guest House:

  1. Create short-term rental income
  2. Be an independent home for aging parents
  3. Allow a separate space for guests
  4. Increase your overall property value!

As we all know, current rental prices are no longer an affordable option for those making a low to moderate income and buying a home in the current market is getting too far out-of- reach with home prices rising every day.

One way Southwest Homes is working to help solve this problem is by offering beautiful factory built guest homes you can have on your current property.

Our Sales Team of Manufactured Home Experts are ready to help you get started with your new factory-built guest house!

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Southwest Homes is dedicated to helping local communities with affordable housing options in Northern Arizona.

*Actual completion times may vary based on financing and land development. Photos displayed may not represent the actual colors, decor and upgrades.

**Your physical location determines the exact laws and whether you can have a guest house on your property, and what size it can be.

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