It’s no secret that Arizona summers can get into the triple digits. While it can be nice to have the sun on your face and longer days, the heat itself can get taxing. Especially when in your home! Cranking the air conditioning can cause your bills to skyrocket, and at the same time, you don’t want to suffer in a sweltering house.

However, there are actually many tricks to drive the temperature down and live nice and cool in your manufactured home:

1) Fan those flames.

It may seem like an obvious solution, but fans really do help, especially when the dry heat in Arizona is just sitting there. Creating circulation in the manufactured home is key to cooling it down, and creating a steady flow of wind. Nowadays there are even fans that are made to blow cool air around.

2) Split your A/C system.

A ductless split A/C system is quite popular for manufactured homes. They are not only quiet and energy-sufficient, but can be placed in various areas of your home to cool down the area – all without the installation of ductwork! By separating your home into different zones with temperatures, it allows you to not use as much energy and spend less money for installation and air conditioning in general.

3) Throw some shade.

Another overlooked solution to making your home cooler is adding some shade to your manufactured home. For a very low cost, you can add shades and coverings on your windows. This blocks the sunlight and keeps your home nice and chill in the summer. You can also match the shades and light blockers to the style of your interior, so it doesn’t stick out or clash.

4) Exhaust fans are key.

Don’t forget about the exhaust fans! The fans remove the heat and humidity from the home as you go about doing various chores. When you are cooking, use the stove fan to divert that warm air. Also, when you take a shower, use the fan during and after for fifteen minutes to remove the humidity.

5) Remember the appliances.

Take the time to think about your appliances when you cook. Using the oven can drive up the temperature significantly. Instead of using it, perhaps make salads, sandwiches, or something off the outdoor grill. An airfryer is also a popular way to cook things you would in an oven, without having to use all that heat!

While the Arizona summers can get brutal, you don’t have to live in those conditions! Cooling down in your manufactured home is as easy as turning on a fan. Combine all of these tips together? And you’re in for a cool, cool, summer.

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