We know there are hundreds of factors to consider when choosing a forever home to retire in. Manufactured homes have become a popular choice for retirees over the past several years. The Prescott, Arizona real estate market has been booming with new residents flocking from states such as Nevada, California and Colorado. Building a custom-manufactured retirement home will allow you to have your dream home, in the perfect location, at a price you can afford!

Don’t let the stigma fool you, manufactured homes are built with high-quality appliances, luxurious finishes and customization options found in traditional homes. If you’re seeking affordable retirement housing, here’s why a manufactured home could be right for you!

  1. Pocket-Friendly
    Modern manufactured homes come with the comforts of a traditional home at an affordable price. Manufactured homes are mass-produced, therefore they have lower build costs for manufacturers. Did you know construction costs per square foot for new manufactured homes are up to 50% less than a comparable site-built home? Your perfect new retirement home will be available to you at the perfect price!
  2. Single-Story Living
    We can agree that stairs are overrated, right? Manufactured homes are commonly single-story, allowing easier navigation throughout the home. It can be challenging to find single-story new homes for sale in Prescott, Arizona due to the hot-commodity of the market. By choosing to build a manufactured home, you will secure single-story living and never have to settle for another stack of stairs again.
  3. Easy to Maintain
    You’ll be too busy enjoying your retirement to want to waste your time maintaining a large home! Manufactured homes are available in a variety of comfortable sizes to fit your family’s needs without overextending the required upkeep. Large traditional homes are more challenging to clean and require expensive maintenance.

At Southwest Homes, we are manufactured home professionals, ready to build your dream retirement home. If you’re looking for new homes for sale in Northern Arizona, Southwest Homes is here for you! Our skilled staff is here for you every step of the way, taking the anxiety out of choosing a new home for your retirement.

Southwest Homes delivers quality & affordable manufactured homes through a hassle-free and fun buying experience. We are a full-service experience for purchasing your next home – from start to finish with no added stress. Our manufactured homes come in a variety of sizes and price ranges to meet you and your family’s needs. We provide affordable new homes in Prescott, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley and Dewey, Arizona!

Let’s get started on building your home! Call us today at 928-899-3845!

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