When beginning the building process, land is everything. It not only impacts the quality of the home, but having good land will also be the stepping stone to creating new, wonderful memories in your home.

From sitting on your porch early in the morning, watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee in your hands, to running around the yard with your beloved pet and children, these memories will be made on the very land your house is built upon.

Southwest Homes are very hands-on when it comes to helping you purchase your manufactured home. Our homes are modern, customizable and have the same services as a traditional home. Southwest Homes’ staff are all hardworking and skilled in this industry and strive to help prospective homeowners every step of the way from purchasing to installing. That also includes choosing the land.

Why You Can Trust Southwest Homes to Choose Your Land


The reason why Southwest Homes doesn’t allow buyers to purchase their own land is because the company is a start-to-finish experience that guarantees satisfaction. Our goal is to cultivate communities from the very beginning.

Southwest Homes is a small business that is made up of people who strive for the American dream and want to help others achieve that. The values of the company are traditional, but inventive and original.

It’s just a few of the things Southwest Homes looks for when hiring staff and choosing vendors to help bring your vision to life. Only the best servant leaders who are proud of their work, and seek to make a positive impact in their community are chosen for clients. Every decision isn’t made haphazardly and a lot of thought goes into every detail, especially when choosing land that will not only be great for the structure of your house, but for memories to come.

By providing you with a list of approved land to build your manufactured on, it also takes away the confusion and time that is spent when going through the process of finding land, making sure a home can be built on it, and clearing all licenses and approvals. Southwest Homes relieves you of the stress and delivers you quality service, decisions and an overall high-quality end result.

Southwest Homes delivers quality and affordable manufactured homes through a hassle-free and fun buying experience. We are a full-service experience for purchasing your next home – from start to finish with no added stress.

Our manufactured homes come in a variety of sizes and price ranges to meet you and your family’s needs. We provide affordable new homes in Prescott, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley and Dewey, Arizona! Let’s begin building your dream new manufactured home.

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