Affordable Home Builder in Northern Arizona .

Lot and Home Packages in Northern Arizona .

Lot and Home Packages in Northern Arizona .

Modern, Beautiful, Energy-Smart Factory-Built Homes


$150k less than site-built homes

Move-In Faster

Ready within 6 months or faster


100% satisfaction guaranteed

Odds are that you have heard what’s been said about
manufactured homes throughout the years...
  • “They’re built so cheap”
  • “They only depreciate in value”
  • “They don’t last as long as traditional homes”
  • “They’re a bad investment”
  • “They’re harder to get a loan for”
  • “They are terrible in the area of energy-efficiency”

Truth is, these were all true of manufactured homes in the past, but they aren’t anymore. 

With advancements in homebuilding technologies and a complete overhaul of the entire industry throughout recent years, manufactured homes (a.k.a. “prefab homes”) are now considered to be in the same arena as traditional site-built homes in quality, amenities and energy efficiency. Southwest Homes continues to put the old stigma of the 1960s “mobile home” to rest everyday, by offering the best and most affordable option to owning the dream home you’ve always wanted without the financial burden.

The perfect home for you at the right price is just around the corner

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Nothing to display


A Home Just For You

Our prefab homes have been expertly designed and crafted with you in mind each step of the way

Save Without Compromising

With a prefab home you’re not compromising on quality for a lower price – you’re getting both.

A Hassle-Free Process

From the sales office to the keys in your hand on move-in day, we’ll guide you through to homeownership with ease.

We don’t just care about selling homes.
We care about you getting the home you deserve.

How it works
How It Works - Step 1

Find & Customize

Pick your lot and home purchase agreement

How It Works - Step 2

Secure Financing

Our list of preferred lenders will help you get the best deal

How It Works - Step 3

Build & Delivery

We get to work on the site prepping for your new home

How It Works - Step 4

Move In

We install the home and hand you the keys to move in

* If you don’t yet have a piece of property to set your new home on – not to worry – our licensed sales agents are able to help you find the perfect place and will package it up with your new home order. 

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We are currently partnered with and sell Clayton Homes, the largest and most recognizable name that has become synonymous with homebuilding innovation and quality in the USA.

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